Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Owangan Adventure

We woke up at 5am then head to to the town hall to meet our guides. We arrived in Kabalawan at 6:30 am. This is the best time for trekking coz the sun isn't yet that hot.

It has always been on my list to visit Tabuelan in the northwest part of the island. Fortunately, an assignment came! For three days, we explored the town and was so surprise to know that they have a magnificent river full of shrimps called owang (fresh-water shrimp) and a waterfalls that only few dared to visit.

A bumpy ride to the barangay of Bungon (which can be accessed via Lugo road). If you are from Poblacion, it is 22km away to sitio Kabalawan. From the day care center of Kabalawan, take a 20 min walk ( 1.5km) trek downhill till you reach the river. But before doing this, make sure that you coordinated with barangay officials. They are so gracious and even provide guides. :)

THE TRAIL. It's a good walking...perfect for sweating out  before taking a cold dip in the river. Don'r forget to bring a pair of slippers. 
 Owangan river was named as such because there are many fresh-water shrimps (owang) in it. The locals sometimes place a net near the waterfalls to catch plenty of these shrimps.

Aside from the magnificent view, swimming here is a must after that long trek.

Wild flowers can also be found along the path.

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